What do you know about male infertility?

The healthy couples usually have no problems with reproduction. Unfortunately this experience is not available for everybody because of male fertility. This condition depends on the quantity and quality of the sperm. If the quantity is not enough and the quality is poor, it can be even impossible for a man to produce sperm. Usually he cannot even understand that there is a problem because this diagnose has nothing in common with erectile dysfunction: a man get steady erections and ejaculation, he is aroused and satisfied without difficulties. The damaged ejaculated semen does not differ from normal one judging from appearance. The only way to find out the truth is to make a medical test. Usually both partners are tested for reproductive problems and it occurs that male infertility is quite often problem. Some men have low amount of sperm and only about one in every 100 men has no sperm at all. If male infertility is diagnosed, its treatment depends on the severity of the case. But first let’s find out more about this health condition and the reasons, which leads to it.

What do you know about male infertility?

Causes of male infertility

Nowadays the experts and physicians can determine reasons of male infertility, which usually can be found out through particular medical testing. When tests are carried out a man’s sperm is checked under a microscope. The laboratory assistant watches how well sperm moves, counts the amount within a given space and specifies other performances, which help to understand the cause. What are they?

  • One of the reasons is damaged sperm and one of the factors influencing this cause is smoking. When a man just quit smoking, he gets good chances to reduce that sperm damage.
  • Another reason found in about one in every five infertile men is difficulties with sperm transport caused by blockages in the tubes due to obstructions or other conditions, which can cause a complete lack of sperm in the ejaculated semen.
  • Low levels of hormones including testosterone leads to infertility
  • Sperm antibodies can sometimes (not always) reduce fertility.
  • Poor overall health and obesity can also influence the ability to make a woman pregnant.
  • Genetic predisposition is one of the causes.
  • A range of anatomical changes make reproduction difficult.
  • Even bicycle or motorcycle riding can be a reason.
  • Contact with particular chemicals including pesticides can lead to this problem.

Though we mention a number of reasons, still this question is open and widely discussed. The scientists consider even the influence of laptops and cell phones on fertility but there are no reasonable proofs behind those discussions.

What about the signs? The man should watch his body fat and decreased muscle mass. Among the signs there are also decreased facial and body hair. If in the past there was injury to the testicles or penis, it should be taken into consideration when discussing the infertility. High fevers and childhood diseases also impact. The causes are still being investigated.

Treatment of male infertility

Taking into account the above list of reasons, it is clear that treatment for male infertility will be ordered in accordance with the discovered health condition. If the doctors specify a blockage in the sperm transport system or varicocele, surgery is usually needed. Unfortunately the surgery does not release from the infertility if the damage is long enough. When the level of LH and FSH hormones is low, the correspondent hormone injections can help. But hormone therapy usually lasts for a long time and costs a lot, though the result is good, excluding the cases with a testicular disorder. There are also various reproductive technologies applied to both partners.